Employment Law

When your employer is acting in a discriminatory manner, fails to abide by California, and federal wage laws, or is acting in a manner that is considered harassment, you may need to speak with an employment attorney to find out your rights. There are numerous laws in place, both on a state, and federal level designed to ensure employers are acting in an ethical manner.

Retaliatory firing because you have filed a report about a safety issue, discrimination in promotion, and unfair wage practices occur far too often. We often speak to employees, who find themselves in untenable positions, who are concerned they will have problems finding another job if they speak out against their current employer. You have rights that need to be protected, and we are here to help.

If you are facing an issue with a San Diego, CA employer who is not following federal, or state laws, contact Brennan & David Law Group. We will meet with you at our Carlsbad, San Diego, or Vista offices and discuss your options.

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