Consumer Class Actions

Lawyers protect consumers with class action lawsuits, lemon laws, and by advocating for your rights through litigation.

Do you feel taken advantage of by a business? The attorneys of Brennan & David can help.

The attorneys at Brennan & David want to protect your rights—companies must be responsible for their actions when consumers are harmed by one of their products. If it happened to you, there are probably many other people out there that had the same thing happen to them.

We’ve handled many large consumer class actions, representing thousands of clients, and won millions of dollars in settlements.

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When a Consumers can rely on an attorney for litigation and to receive a settlement in a lawsuit. Our lawyers do consumer class action of consumers is harmed by a business through fraud or neglect, an attorney who has years of experience with consumer protection laws can help. There a numerous consumer protection laws in the State of California and on the federal level.

There are countless examples of businesses who have made errors that have caused physical harm, or financial damage to consumers. Examples include defective airbags, false advertising claims, bad drugs, or insurance fraud. If you have suffered an injury because of a defective product, are having problems with an insurance company who refused to pay a legitimate claim, or you were prescribed a drug that caused your condition to worsen, you may not be alone.

Example types of class actions:

  • Dangerous or defective products
  • False advertising
  • Unlawful charges
  • California’s Automatic Renewal Statute violations
  • Privacy violations
  • Automotive products liability
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”)
  • Song-Beverly Credit Card Act (prevents personal information requests while paying by credit card)

The attorneys of Brennan & David Law Group have handled many class action lawsuits, spanning thousands of clients. We can provide legal advice and your next steps.

Contact Brennan & David Law Group at our Carlsbad or San Diego office if you are a San Diego, CA resident who suffered an injury, illness, or financial loss associated with a business. We can investigate and find out if there are others who are facing the same problem and help you with a consumer class action lawsuit.


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